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Wells Engberg, Inc.

Wells Engberg, Inc.

PO Box 516
Kewaskum, WI 53040


PL-300 | Push-Pull Control

The PL-300 has a T-shaped lever located next to the steering wheel.  For acceleration, pull the lever back towards your chest.  For braking push forward toward the pedals.  The PL-300 employs our EZAccel system to provide lower force and a higher level of control in the beginning of the acceleration stroke where you need it most, reducing fatigue and offering greater control of vehicle speed.
The PL-300 features smooth acting cable driven accelerator controls.   The flexible cable control is more attractive and lower profile than a rigid control rod.  The PL-300 also features our FlexMount system for attaching to your vehicle.  In most cases, the mounting can be hidden under the dash panel, providing a clean looking installation and minimal obstructions for legs.


PN-1000 Linear Pneumatic Control

The Wells Engberg pneumatic control offers a lower price alternative to electronic gas brake solutions.

Our pneumatic system provides a very low force gas brake lever that has flexibile mounting options.  A compressor system is mounted in an available space in the vehicle and control and monitoring panel is mounted within reach of the driver.

The system continuously monitors the air pressure.  An alarm will sound and red light will be lit in the unlikely event that a malfunction causes low system pressure.  The system also contains a separate emergency brake tank that will allow the vehicle to be brought to a halt in the rare event that a catastrophic air system failure occurs.


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