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Walk Easy Inc.

Walk Easy Inc.

601 N. Congress Ave.
Suite 204
Delray Beach, FL 334454627


Bamboo Cane with Derby handle

Model C38 is a bamboo cane varnished for durability and fitted with the popular Derby handle. Measures 35" grip to floor (90 cm.) and comes fitted with model T05 tip.

Model 410 Adult Platform Crutch w/Velcro® Sleeve

Epoxy-coated adult platform crutch with Velcro® sleeve and form-fitted rubber handle. Height adjustable sleeve to floor from 36" to 44" (90 cm. to 110 cm.). Distance from grip to sleeve and angle of grip are fully adjustable. Comes fitted with a model T10 Pivoflex tip.

Orthopaedic cane, adjustable, left hand

Epoxy-coated orthopaedic cane with ergonomic left hand grip. Height adjustable with a single push-button grip to floor from 32" to 39" (81 cm. to 99 cm.). Comes fitted with model T05 rubber tip.

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