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At VocaliD, we believe that voice is an essential part of identity. It can convey your age, size, lifestyle, personality, and so much more. Founded in May of 2014 and based in Belmont, Massachusetts, VocaliD empowers the preservation, restoration, and creation of vocal identities.

We're deeply passionate about celebrating and harnessing the diversity of human voice—our world-class team has spent decades at the frontier of speech science and technology.

Today, our voicebanking platform boasts over 20,000 members from over 110 countries contributing upwards of 6 million sentences, to power voices as colorful as humanity.


Bespoke Voice

It's not just a speech generating device, it's your voice.

Millions of people rely on synthetic speech to communicate everyday. Yet, they’re given a limited set of generic, robotic sounding voices. Voices that don’t fit their body or personality.

We wouldn't dream of fitting a little girl with the prosthetic limb of a grown man — so, why then the same prosthetic voice?

Here's how it works:

VocaliD's engineers have pioneered a streamlined voice creation process that takes advantage of our proprietary voice blending technology and crowd sourced Voicebank recordings to build unique, customized voices for use in text-to-speech applications.

Vocal Legacy

VocaliD can use your speech recordings in The Human Voicebank to create your personalized digital voice. Think of it as insurance against a day when a voice is lost or unavailable for whatever reason.

Whether you are a singer suffering from throat cancer, a lawyer losing her voice to ALS, or even a young father deployed overseas who would love to read your son his newest bedtime story, your Vocal Legacy allows you to speak as yourself.

If you have banked a sufficient amount of speech, VocaliD can recreate your voice in digital form. Your Vocal Legacy is wholly created from your own recordings.

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