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4824 SW Scholls Ferry Road
Portland, OR 97225


VisionCue is one of the longest operating assistive technology stores in America.  Through our store, and with on-site/in-home assistance, we serve agencies, employers and individuals with products and services that enable people with low vision and blindness to maximize their abilities and continue doing the things they love and desire.



Connect your braille display to your computer, smartphone or tablet simultaneously with the ALVA BC 680.  This is the first 80-cell braille display that allows multiple device connection, so you can continue receiving email and texts while you work!  You can even divide the console into a pair of separate braille controls with 2 sets of front keys and smartpads while also designating the number of cells per display.

Better yet, you can disconnect the display from either device, and continue reading up to 80 characters at a time before moving your cursor.  This is by far, the most versatile braille display for any work environment.

ALVA Comfort

Take full control of your PC or Smartphone with the ALVA Comfort.  This 40-cell braille display provides full braille access to mainstream applications allowing you to read and write braille anywhere on practically any device!  And with internal note-taking functionality and a 4GB flash memory, you can create and store documents, books and much more directly on the device!  With wireless connectivity up to 300ft you can access your device from different locations around your home or office.  Should your signal weaken, simply move closer to your device and the ALVA Comfort will automatically reconnect without losing any data! 
Better yet, connect your ALVA Comfort to an iPad or iTouch for ultimate portability!  A truly modern solution for accessing braille!

Magnilink S

The MagniLink S is a portable, near and distant video magnifier that works with either a PC or Mac and can also function as a stand-alone system using a video monitor or TV (depending upon the model).  Additionally, the MLS-CM03 model has a text-to-speech feature that reads text aloud – a very useful function allowing for extended reading and improved comprehension.

The MagniLink S embodies the latest video technology delivering a superior image quality.  The camera has unbeatable sharpness, light sensitivity and offers 60 digital full frames/second for an image that is extraordinarily clear.  Magnification is between 1.4x-75x and has 7 different viewing modes.

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