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Vantage Mobility International Inc.

Vantage Mobility International Inc.


The VMI Select Dealer Network consists of over 200 elite mobility dealer locations across the country who exemplify unparalleled customer service, product proficiency and technical service expertise. Our Select Dealers will guide you through your journey to mobility and will help identify products to meet your needs. With an understanding of the present and a vision for tomorrow, the Select Dealers are proficient in pairing the proper solution and service with the right individuals.


Ricon Clearway Wheelchair Lift

The Clearway wheelchair lift is one of the industry’s more popular solutions because of its flexibility and versatility. Its defining feature is that it folds up and out of the way with the touch of a button. This makes the Clearway an ideal lift for vehicles shared by wheelchair users and able-bodied passengers. The side-entry lift is a unique split platform that allows for easy entry and exit and the strength to hold up to 800lbs.

Ricon Klearvue Wheelchair Lift

The innovative Klearvue wheelchair lift is different from other wheelchair lifts–it has a longer lift platform with a standard size door opening. It is a side-entry lift that is ideal for vans without raised roof or doors. The Klearvue lift holds up to 800lbs and is compliant with FMVSS and ADA regulations. Because of its unique design that provides visibility inside and out, this lift is often the lift of choice even for paratransit and commercial use.

Ricon Reliant Wheelchair Lift

The Reliant wheelchair lift is made for those who want a dependable vehicle lift at an affordable price. The Reliant Lift is a compact, budget-friendly option designed with high quality and superior functionality in mind.

The Reliant is constructed with a steel frame that is easy to maintain and built to last over the lifetime of your van, making it a smart and economic addition to your accessible vehicle.

Ricon Slide-Away Wheelchair Lift

The revolutionary design of the Slide-Away wheelchair lift offers the strength of a dual-post hydraulic lift with the flexibility of a single-post lift. This fully-automatic platform folds toward the rear, giving the passenger seat more space to recline and an unobstructed view of the road for safer driving.

The Slide-Away lift allows effortless entry and exit for wheelchair users and able-bodied passengers and can accommodate up to 600lbs. This lift can do it all.

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