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VELA/Enable Me

5452 West Crenshaw Street,
Suite 5
Tampa, FL 33634


As a family-owned company with almost 100 years of history, VELA has a deeply rooted culture characterized by the diversity we encounter in the people who use our chairs.

We act with care for our surroundings – whether these are people with disabilities who need a VELA chair or a changing world that requires us to think of green alternatives.

And we must remember the cornerstones that sustain this company – VELA’s values: Thoughtfulness, Trust in others, Diversity and Power of growth.


Independence Chair

The Independence Chair™ promotes independence and safer mobility for adults suffering from conditions such as stroke, COPD, Sciatica, hip and knee replacements, most conditions that create muscle weakness, balance issues, and conditions affecting the lower extremities and spine. Find peace of mind for you and help your loved one maintain their independence.

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