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Upright Golf


Since 2002, Upright Golf has been developing the most comprehensive line of easy-to-use golf playing aids in the industry. All of our proprietary golf products are designed to make the game easier and more enjoyable and particularly if you have problems with your lower back, hip, or knee joints.


Golf Claw

America's #1 pick up tool, the Golf Claw, works great on any putter grip! Simply push the screw into the hole on the end cap of the grip and tighten until secure. Very durable and compact enough to fit into a club sleeve

Joe´s Original Backtee w/ Senior AirLift Tee

Use the Joe´s Original Backtee to insert any of the different lengths of the Senior AirLift Tees (or any standard tee) into the ground, place the ball on the tee, and pick the tee up after hitting! The Backtee is simple to use and an excellent golf ball teeing device for golfers that want to eliminate bending and stooping when teeing their golf ball up! Each Backtee includes (1) package of Senior AirLift Tees. Enjoy teeing the golf ball without bending over!

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