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TraXion Engineered Products

TraXion Engineered Products

Van Buren, AR 72956


ProGear Race Seat

  • Race seat is comfortable even for long periods of time
  • Carry handle built right in the seat to allow you to carry this seat with one hand
  • The large Gear Tray spins so you can easily access your tools and parts
  • Huge 5" Casters for a best in class mobility
  • Adjustable height to a very low profile made possible because of the drops sleeve
  • Seat height adjusts from 13 1/2" to 17 1/2"

ProGear Topside Creeper

The ProGear Topside Creeper has a fully padded frame with replaceable, padded upholstery cover. The cover is secured using Velcro, so it is removable for cleaning or replacement. The upholstered cover slides over a sling instead of a hard plywood deck. This improves comfort, reduces weight and makes replacing the decking much easier. The new ProGear Topside Creeper has as I-Base design that allows more flexible positioning around the vehicle. The ProGear Topside Creeper allows the technician to reach 40% more area around the front of most vehicles and equipment.

ProGear WideBody Creeper

The ProGear Wide Body Creeper sets a new standard for comfort, function and mobility. There is nothing else like it. Huge 5" casters provide and easy ride- even on rough shop floors. Despite the large wheels, the outrigger frame provides an extremely low profile while the Wide-Body drop deck has no torso pinch points. The contoured deck provides extra padding where it matters most. It has lumbar support and is extra wide for the "Normal" sized people and superior comfort. This results in less fatigue and increased productivity. Big Casters roll over stuff that stops other creepers in their tracks. The contour deck takes comfort to another level. The ProGear Wide-Body Creeper is an aesthetic and functional work of art.

Retro X-Frame

Retro X-Frame Roll Seat has adjustable height and four 5" Casters Perfect for shop or warehouse office.

  • Padded Tractor Seat for comfort
  • Pneumatic Cylinder for easy adjustment height
  • Drop Sleeve to get down low
  • Huge 5" Casters for a best in class mobility
  • Seat height adjusts from 13 1/2" to 17 1/2"

The Retro-X Seat provides comfortable and productive access for many shop tasks. Large 5" Casters provide excellent mobility and the upholstered seat is contoured and padded to be handsome and comfortable.

Topside Creeper

The Topside Creeper over the engine workstation helps the auto technician increase productivity and safety while working form the topside of the engine compartment. Mounted atop the ladder section is a padded deck for the mechanic to rest upon while reaching into the engine compartment. Four casters slide easily around the shop. Two of them lock once the unit is properly positioned giving the user plenty of leverage.

Traxion BigFoot GearSeat 2-432

The BigFoot Roll Seat is a BIG step forward for the shop. It features a removable, spinning GearTray so your parts and tools can be loaded at the bench and are always a quick spin away.

The outrigged casters greatly increase the wheelbase - length and width - for a much a more stable platform.

The ProGear non-porous, reverse printed top is beautiful and very easy to clean.

The 4" Speed Casters give maximum mobility.

The thick 1.5" steel tube frame provides and extraordinary 450lb (200kg) weight capacity.

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