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One of the most important communication tools of our time can now be operated completely with one hand.

TiPY, the one-hand keyboard with a new key concept and a built-in mouse function allows the editing of all programs, including shortcuts, complex tables, a complete word processor and all the advantages and possibilities of a computer in 12 languages.


TiPY Keyboard

With the new key concept of the one-hand keyboard and integrated mouse function, you can edit all programs and tables, use keyboard shortcuts, type letters, texts and use all the advantages of your computer and a complete word processor in 12 languages. TiPY makes your work, your life and your communication on the computer faster and more efficient.

TiPY is shipped worldwide. Please note that all prices are without VAT. The tax and the shipping will be completed at the cash register with the indication of the respective country.

TiPY is currently in pre-production and will be available in end 2019.  Because of the longer order period, we have extended the right of return to 30 days after delivery.

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