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Photophobia Glasses for Light Sensitivity

TheraSpecs are therapeutic blue light glasses for conditions that are triggered or worsened by light, including migraine, concussion, and photophobia. Developed by and for people who live with light sensitivity, TheraSpecs: 

  • Block more blue light at 480nm—the wavelength that research shows causes the most pain and other symptoms—than other glasses for light sensitivity or photophobia
  • Use the TheraSpecs FL-41 tint to filter a wide range of harmful wavelengths of light for comprehensive protection
  • Protect against artificial and natural light, including computer and device screens, fluorescents, LEDs, and sunlight
  • Provide effective protection and relief after 3 weeks of use for 96% of people with symptoms triggered by light, including headache, migraine, vertigo, dizziness, eye strain, and pain
  • Reduce migraine attacks by 74% and lessen photophobia according to research
  • Are available with or without prescription lenses and in a wide variety of frames

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