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The How Skills

The How Skills


The How Skills partners with businesses to provide accommodation to employees with ADA qualifying conditions, including those with ADHD, autism, blindness/low vision, traumatic brain injury,  mental health conditions, chronic illness, dyslexia, and more. Services include Workplace Strategy Coaching, training and consultations, and inclusive workplace training to support all stakeholders: employees, managers, and HR partners. The How Skills has experience supporting professionals across all levels, including director and executive level, and across multiple industries.


Workplace Strategy Coaching (aka job coaching) is an effective, temporary accommodation to help employees optimize executive function skills, remove or reduce barriers related to a disability, and learn evidence-based tools to leverage strengths.  A How Skills coach will typically meet with the employee 50 minutes per week for 12 weeks. Contact them at with a brief description of your request and you will receive a response within 2 business days.


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