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Ted Thorsen Material Handling, Inc

Ted Thorsen Material Handling, Inc

667 N River Street
Plains, PA 18705


Add-A-Level All-Plastic Work Platforms

Modular, stackable, 25/8” thick work platforms create the perfect working height for your operations. They are easily assembled without tools and can be placed horizontally to fill a floor, or stacked vertically. Because they are made from heavy-duty molded plastic components, they are a perfect fit in the harshest manufacturing or industrial environments.

Add our 1/2” or 7/8” thick comfort matting and you'll see an instant payoff in fewer fatigue-related injuries along with dramatically increased productivity. Add-A-Level™ also makes an ideal decontamination platform because it allows water and chemical contaminants to flow through.

Akro Tilt Trucks

  • Lightweight tipping trucks for heavyweight jobs
  • Caster wheel has roller bearings for extra stability when pushing, pulling, or turning
  • Handle is arc welded and reinforced for optimum durability
  • Wrap-around tubular frame is constructed of 1" or 1 1/4" powder-coated steel
  • Trucks tip for easy manual emptying
  • Optional 2 Piece Black Lid Available (sold separately)

Apachestat SmoothTech

Ergonomically styled anti-fatigue matting designed to provide comfort and help prevent damage from static electricity.

  • Smooth PVC surface "No Glue Bond" bonded to 3/8" closed cell PVC sponge base
  • Overall thickness 1/2"
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Beveled edges for safety

Apachestat Soft Foot

Ergonomically styled anti-fatigue matting designed to provide comfort and help prevent damage from static electricity.

  • 100% closed-cell PVC foam
  • Overall thickness 3/8"
  • Non-slip pebble finish
  • Beveled edges for safety

Ergonomically Designed Sit-Stand Stool

Relief For Workers Who Can't Sit Down On The Job! Increase the productivity of workers who are on their feet all day. Ergonomically designed to allow the user to work in an upright, standing position while most of their weight rests on the padded seat, taking the load off the worker's legs and feet.

Fiberglass Extra Heavy Duty Double Front Stepladder

  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum top and hinges provide stability (see image A).
  • Heavy duty inside spreaders designed for heavy duty use (see image B).
  • 3" "U" channel serrated aluminum steps (see image C).
  • Double angle bracing on both front and back steps.
  • Heavy duty safety shoe with slip resistant tread (see image D)

Fiberglass Extra Heavy Duty Extension Ladder

  • Meets ANSI Industrial Type IA - Exceeds OSHA Requirements.
  • Direct "D" rung crimping to the rail (see image A).
  • Interlocking side rails (see image B). External guides on top of base rails. Internal guide on bottom of fly section.
  • Gravity spring assisted cast aluminum double rung lock with molded flipper (see image C).
  • Steel free swinging self-aligning shoe with slip resistant tread with steel ice pick end (see image D).
  • Reinforced with rigid steel supports.

Standard & Heavy Duty Tilt Trucks

Standard Features:

  • Body: Heavy duty polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Metal Base
  • Tilt Base

Available On Request

  • Hand holes
  • Drain holes
  • Stenciled Numbers or Letters
  • Other colors


Cushion support reduces fatigue and helps prevent accidents.

  • Holes in surface allow fluids to drain away from work area
  • Nibs elevate mat above the surface for drainage
  • Grease-proof (red) or grease-resistant (black)
  • Overall thickness 1/2"
  • Molded beveled edges for safety Ships from Georgia

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