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Techni-Tool Inc.

Techni-Tool Inc.

1547 N. Trooper Rd.
PO Box 1117
Worcester, PA 194901117


Serving the electronics industry with tools, technology, and talent to help continually reinvent the future, while creating a company where dedicated people can thrive and support cutting-edge solutions.


PACE 7028-0001-P1 Handipik Component Handling Wand

The Pace Handipik component handling wand is a self-contained, hand-held device which allows the operator to quickly and easily pick up and place a wide variety of electronic components. The wand may be conveniently stored in a Pace Handpiece Redi-Rak.

Techni-Tool Vacuum Pick-Up System, Econo, TV-100

Compact, quiet and perfect for handling all types of components. Vacuum handle includes a control hole feature and internal replaceable air filter.
5' straight hose
Nine vacuum tips
Two 1/8", two 1/4", two 3/8" and one .050 vacuum tips.. 110VAC

Vampire Vacuum Pick-Up Tool ESD Handheld w/Probes & Cups

Vampire Vacuum - The hand-held SMD vacuum pickup tool is ideal for picking up and moving electronic components, large or small. With fountain pen dimensions, the VAMPIRE fits easily into your hand or pocket. And its new high-power probes have longer holding action.

Features include: ergonomic comfort design; ESD Safe <100K Ohms; lift up to 120g; heavy duty internal piston; Three high power probes: Angled, Straight & 4mm cup.

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