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Summit Racing Equipment

Summit Racing Equipment

P.O. Box 909
Akron, OH 44309


For over 40 years, Summit Racing Equipment has set and reset the standard for fast shipping, customer service, and tech expertise. Since the beginning, we've followed a simple formula: Give customers the parts they want at a fair price, deliver those parts fast, and back them with the best customer service on the planet.


Full view mirrors

View it all in one quick glance without stwisting your head or body to chck out traffic

Matte black plastic housing

Each mirror panel is stanted at a slight different angle to give a full view of the road

Heated Seat Cushions IN9738-9

Just seconds is all it takes to enjoy soothing, relaxing heat from your car seats--even on the coldest winter days! These heated seat cushions plug into your vehicle's cigarette lighter with the 6 ft. power cord and begin working instantly, without waiting for your car to warm up. These heated seat cushions are made from high-quality quilted nylon for added comfort and include a built-in temperature control for high, low, and off. Since they're portable, you can have heated seats in all of your cars!

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