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Storm Interface

Storm Interface

1 Waterside Court
Waterside Drive
Langley, Berkshire SL3 6EZ


The company’s primary activities are the development and manufacture of responsive human interface devices for use in a wide range of public and industrial applications. Under the brand name Storm the company’s award-winning products are now globally deployed, internationally recognized and widely acclaimed.


Microphone Array Module Kit

This kit includes the Array Microphone (part number AT00-15001) and the Microphone Activation Sensor (part number AT01-12001), along with the required cables.

When used together, the Array Microphone and the Microphone Activation Sensor provide a complete solution for voice recognition and voice communication applications in unsupervised public spaces.

The Microphone Array Module is designed to be permanently and easily installed to the underside of any customer facing panel. It can be oriented in either a horizontal or vertical configuration. The microphone’s voice reception zone is optimized to suit kiosk applications.

Active noise cancelling and noise suppression technology ensure effective voice reception even in noisy environments.

The Microphone Activation Sensor features the internationally recognized microphone symbol as a highly visible and tactile icon which illuminates to indicate the presence of an active recording system. The device includes an infrared (IR) proximity sensor that can be used to activate/deactivate a microphone for speech recording or voice commanded applications.

The Microphone Array Module and the Microphone Activation Sensor are ideal for use in speech commanded applications and for provision of remote conferencing and concierge services. They enumerate as standard USB peripheral devices in Windows™, requiring no additional drivers or software to achieve functionality.

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