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Stella Lighting

Stella Lighting

88141 Chita Loop
Springfield, OR 97478


People ask us all the time, what makes Stella different? Simply put, there is no other lighting product like it in the marketplace today. The combination of innovative design, integrated technology, and detailed execution make the family of Stella products un-matched in the lighting industry today.

Stella has been awarded the Business Innovation Award by NAMTA (interNational Arts Materials Trade Association) for innovative product design. In addition, Stella has been granted four (4) patents since 2013 and has two (2) additional patents pending. Our company demands excellence in product design, development and execution. We strive for excellence in the customer experience. Our original product designs are developed with precision, and delivered to the marketplace with an all-inclusive expectation of quality.


The Original Stella LED Task Lamp

The original Stella Task lamp allows the user the ability to move the light around the work surface as desired. The weighted base keeps the lamp steady while the flex arm allows for the light to be rotated in practically any direction. Controls are located on the base and can be adjusted with a light touch of the finger. Features include 5-stage dimming, Tri-Spectrum Technology, and LEDs rated to last 50,000+ hrs at full power before any diminishing in light quality occurs. That means no bulbs to replace!

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