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Steadiwear has created a glove that is designed to intelligently reduce hand tremors. This will allow patients to go about their daily activities with significantly less frustration, improve independence and quality of life, while drastically reducing ongoing healthcare costs.


Steadi-One Glove

The Steadi-One is a lightweight, compact and responsive glove that adaptively stabilizes the wrist in Essential tremor and Parkinson’s Disease. Our novel, battery-free ball joint damper uses a smart material that was designed to resist tremors (>2hz) while allowing voluntary motion (<2Hz). It is combined with a tuned mass damper to stabilize forearm tremors, a technology typically used to stabilize high rise structures against earthquakes. Our system allows full range of motion while resisting multiple tremor directions that are proven to be the most common in Parkinson’s disease and Essential tremor.

The Steadi-One is also equipped with BOA knobs, the most sophisticated closure system in the world. We will be ready for pre-orders in Q2 2019.

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