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Stand 'N Plant

Stand 'N Plant

95 Rose Rd.
Saltsburg, PA 15681


With these tools you can plant from seeds to cell packs while standing up! No bending or stooping! Perfect for farmers, home gardeners, flower and herb growers or anyone who enjoys growing things.


Stand 'n Plant Planter

The only hand-held planter/transplanter on the market that allows one person to easily plant hundreds of plants per hour.

The Planter is of all metal construction with a 2 3/4" diameter tube.  Uses no discs or parts to clog.  Shipped fully assembled.

Plant into prepared seedbeds, either through plastic or on bare ground.

Plant transplants and bedding plants up to the size of 4-packs with a simple poke, squeeze, pull, one person operation.  The Planter will also plant potatoes and large bulbs.

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