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Stair Aide LLC

Stair Aide LLC

Albany, NY


We take pride in helping people! The StairAide idea came from one of our Mechanical Engineers as a result of personal experience. We designed StairAide to be a safe, simple and affordable product that helps you use your existing stairs – safely and with less effort. You can rely on our team to assist you with purchase and recommendations on installation or daily use of StairAide.



StairAide is a set of small, furniture quality, half-height blocks which are easily added to your existing staircase, doubling the effective number of steps with minimal alteration.

StairAide blocks are installed on one side of your existing staircase, occupying nine inches of each existing step’s width. The blocks are designed for simple in-home installation, easily accommodating many different types of stairs and stairway configurations.

Each step measures: 9″ x 9″ x 4″ (Width; Depth; Height).

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