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Stage Spot, LLC.

Stage Spot, LLC.

Austin, TX


StageSpot is your one stop for all your theatrical lighting, stage lighting and other stage-supply needs.


Color Gel Sleeves for Fluorescent Tubes

These tubes can easily be cut to custom lengths with scissors, or order as a custom length. Each sleeve comes with two end caps which fit snugly over the ends and will hold the lamps in place even if broken, preventing shattered glass from falling. These tubes are made from a UL94HB rated Polycarbonate.

Rosco Quick Color Sleeves for Fluorescent Tubes

Introducing Quick Color Sleeves put any color on virtually any ?uorescent light source, fast and affordable. Putting color on your ?uorescent light sources is easier and gentler on your budgets - using Rosco's newest color sleeve product, Quick Color Sleeves. This gel-only product is a ?at welded tube of Rosco color ?lter, made in any color from any line of Rosco gel. Folded ?at for easy shipping and storage, the sleeve puffs open like an envelope to slide over any size or shape of ?uorescent tube, from small T3 and T5 lamps to larger T12 and biaxial shapes.

Quick Color Sleeves come in 48in lengths but are easily cut with scissors or a knife. Add accent colors to restaurants, theatres, or other hospitality centers. Change colors to suit different occasions and holidays, no technical expertise required. Just slip off the old Quick Color Sleeve and replace it with a new color. Adjust color balance in television studios or reduce glare on location shoots in just a few minutes using neutral density or any other correction ?lter.

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