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AFD TurboSet Pole Holder

Turboset’s patented arm support cradle increases both accuracy and hook set power while reducing arm fatigue and wrist pain.

Angler model features Quick Change Clip that lets you switch from rod to rod in seconds! Fits rods handle 3/4" to 1-1/16".  Perfect for any type of fishing.

Tournament model features larger cradle for maximum stability and 6 way adjustable easy attach bracket. Fits rods 7/8" to 1-1/2”.  Arm strap is included but not necessary for use.  Stainless steel hardware.  Perfect for fresh and salt water fishig.

Nail Clipper Board

The Nail Clipper Board is attached to a standard size nail clipper for secure use on a plastic base. Two suction-cup feet provide stability to the nail clipper board and prevents slippage. The Nail Clipper Board is an ideal daily living aid for people with arthritis or limited pinching ability. Nail Clipper Board measures 4" x 2" (10 x 5cm).

Receive-All Pole & Device Holder

Among the useful fishing accessories at Sportaid, you will find the Receive-All Pole & Device Holder. This RECEIVE-ALL system is built of an Arm Brace attached to an Adapter. The Receive-All Pole & Device Holder and can hold all kinds of items: fishing rod, garden tool, the possibilities are endless! Just attach the adapter to whichever you choose. Then the adapter affixes the item to the Arm Brace which secures to your forearm and hand so you gain total control of your fishing pole or other item. With just one Arm Brace, the Receive-All Pole & Device Holder lets you employ as many items as you can think of. When not in use, you can leave your items in the Adapters so they are always ready for the next use. The Receive-All Pole & Device Holder is useful for fishing, gardening, cooking, etc.

ROHO Low Profile Single Compartment Wheelchair Cushions

 Sportaid has ROHO Low Profile Single Compartment Wheelchair Cushions at sweet prices. If you are an active wheelchair user, and you appreciate light weight and portability, the ROHO Low Profile Single Compartment Wheelchair Cushion is right for you. ROHO Low Profile Single Compartment Wheelchair Cushions feature 2" (5 cm) interconnected air cells that offer maximum stability and protection against tissue breakdown.

Please note that Roho cushion sizes are determined by the number of air cells across x the number of air cells from front to back.  The product number (RO-1R89LPC) is for a cushion that is 8 cells wide x 9 cells deep.  It is recommended for a wheelchair that is 14-15" wide x 16-17" deep.

Sportaid Wheelchair Tire Cover

By the end of each day, wheelchair tires have usually picked up all kinds of contaminants and debris, Sportaid Wheelchair Tire Covers will protect your floors from whatever the tires may rub off. Also, you won't spread black tire marks once the tire covers are applied.
Using these tire covers make gloves obsolete during indoor use too. Using soft nylon material allows time for your hands to heal when not pushing outdoors.
Protect yourself, protect you family, and protect your home from anything you get into like grease, mud, and dirt with Sportaid Wheelchair Tire Covers.

Varilite Evolution Wave Wheelchair Cushion

Now at Sportaid, check out the Varilite Evolution Wave Wheelchair Cushion. The Varilite Evolution Wave Wheelchair Cushion is a self inflating wheelchair cushion that features the PSV (Pressure Settings Valve) to provide unlimited pressure settings. The lightweight, comfortable Varilite Evolution Wave Wheelchair Cushion is composed of air/foam and is sold with a machine washable mesh or incontinence cover, a great value. When you buy your Machine Washable mesh or incontinence cover at Sportaid, you can choose your favorite of 3 base styles.

Varilite Zoid PSV Cushion

The Varilite Wheelchair Cushions Zoid PSV (Pressure Setting Valve) provides a low profile, tapered cushion in a lightweight design that provides vibration impact dampening. The PSV senses internal cushion pressure, and then adjusting the pressure valve allows the user to control the amount of immersion into the foam.

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