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Speakeasy Solutions Inc.

Speakeasy Solutions Inc.


Speakeasy Solutions, based in Vancouver, BC Canada, is a full solution provider for speech recognition and digital dictation products. They offer products and related services to those in the medical, legal, and professional industries. As a result of two decades focusing on this specific technology, they are specialists in the field of voice transcription technologies.


Dragon Medical & Professional Training

Speakeasy Solutions more than sells Nuance's Dragon Professional and Dragon Medical One products. They are heavy users of speech recognition technology each and every day, and have been since 1997. Their reliance on Dragon enables us to provide you with a vast knowledge base to learn from, in accordance with your needs.

The Dragon training provided by Speakeasy Solutions takes place on your equipment, taking into account your needs and desired workflow.

Based in Vancouver, BC, Speakeasy Solutions provides Dragon training services across Canada and throughout the United States of America.

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