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6203 San Ignacio Ave.
Suite 112
San Jose, CA 95119


Wearable technology for people prone to seizures.


Smart Monitor SmartWatch

SmartWatch is an easy-to-use, non-invasive wristwatch that continuously monitors movements and instantly alerts connected family members and caregivers upon the onset of repetitive, irregular shaking motion.

  •  The instant SmartWatch detects abnormal movement, and reliably issues text and phone call alerts to designated contacts, such as caregivers and family members.
  •  SmartWatch continuously monitors the wearer and detects repetitive shaking motion similar to those caused by seizures.
  • SmartWatch enables the user to quickly summon help with the press of a button.
  • SmartWatch records the time, location, duration, and severity of all alerted events. Data is available for secure access and review by wearers and their clinicians.
  • Alerts and recorded events include the GPS physical location of your loved one.

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