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Silver Bear Manufacturing

Silver Bear Manufacturing

46104 Hwy M26
Atlantic Mine, MI 49905


Snow Scoops

Developed, tested, and manufactured for quality and strength, the Silver Bear Snow Scoop eliminates backbreaking shoveling, save time, and are easy to use.

Silver Bear alsocarries a larger, heavy-duty snow scoop designed for heavy snowfall areas.

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Snow scoops are easier on your back than shovels. Save your back and save time with a snow scoop.
Snow scoops are: easy to use, easy on the back, economical, start every time, turn on a dime, and require no gas. These heavy duty scoops are prized throughout the Great Lakes’ “snow belt” region and in the mountains east and west. Why? A snow scoop eliminates the lifting of snow and is often faster at moving snow than a snowblower. Trust the folks who thrive in the deep snow and choose Silver Bear snow scoops for durability and rugged construction. Snow scoops offer the speed and versatility to get your driveway clear fast.

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