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Silicon Valley Peripherals

Silicon Valley Peripherals

Fremont, CA 94539


Silicon Valley Peripherals (SVP) has over a 10 year history of working with some of the most high-tech Original Design and Original Equipment Manufacturers (ODM/OEM) in the world. We pride ourselves in delivering completively priced, easy for consumer products. Our wide breadth of product demonstrates SVP leveraging our buying power to deliver direct from manufacturer performance and pricing to our extensive network of on-line and on-site retailers. We work with high-volume direct to end-user sellers on top rated e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Ebay.


ProbeScope video camera

Introducing SVP ProbeScope-GL8805 Inspection Camera with 2.4" color LCD monitor - Your Extended Eyes & Hands! This great device allows for easy visual inspections in hard-to-reach areas. Lightweight, handheld, and portable design for easily find, diagnose, and solve problems with the flexible extended tube & useful accessories.

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