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Sharps Compliance, Inc.

Sharps Compliance, Inc.

9220 Kirby Dr.
Suite 500
Houston, TX 77054


Sharps Compliance is a leading single source provider of regulatory compliant services for the healthcare market. We focus our services on small to mid-size generators of medical waste, pharmaceutical waste and hazardous waste.


30-Gallon TakeAway Recovery System

The large capacity 30-Gallon TakeAway Recovery System is specifically designed to meet the needs of medical professionals, such as physicians and dentists. Use the 30-gallon container to collect used healthcare products as well as sealed sharps containers (no loose sharps). When ready for treatment, the DOT-approved system is shipped back using the prepaid return box.


  • One 30-gallon collection container
  • One prepaid return system
  • Return transportation and proper treatment of materials
  • Proof of treatment through SharpsTracer

Four 2-Gallon TakeAway Recovery System

The Four 2-Gallon TakeAway Recovery System is an ideal solution for the safe collection and proper treatment of sharps and other used healthcare materials.

Multipacks include multiple containers with the convenience of a single prepaid return box. Multipacks are perfect for offices with multiple treatment locations. When all containers are ready for return, place them inside the single box to be returned for cost-effective treatment.


  • Four (4) 2-gallon sharps containers for the collection of sharps and other used healthcare materials

  • A single prepaid return shipping box for returning materials for proper treatment

  • Proof of treatment through SharpsTracer

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