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Serotek Corp.

Serotek Corp.

43 Main Street SE
Suite 508
Minneapolis, MN 55414


SA To Go

SA To Go and is powered by Serotek's award-winning System Access software which provides immediate text to speech, magnified visual, and Braille access to digital information presented through the Web or other means, while the user is directly connected to the Internet.

System Access

As a blind or visually impaired consumer, you want affordability and reliability wrapped up into one easy-to-use package. Your sighted peers do not pay thousands of dollars to read their computer screens. Why should you? While it is true that it takes a high degree of expertise to design screen reading technology, at Serotek we're just as surprised as you that traditional assistive technology vendors still get away with charging up to $1,200 for a copy of their product that works with all versions of Windows, $260 every two years to keep the software updated, and $200 for the ability to remotely access your computer.

Traditional screen readers charge you a lot more for features you'll never use and call it innovation. We charge less to include the tools you really need and think of it as common sense!

With Serotek you can rely on a simple interface and extensive help documentation to let you hit the ground running. We understand the hassles of learning a new product and do everything we can to make your transition as seamless as possible. Best of all, when the product is updated, you reap all the benefits without paying an extra dime.

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