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Science Lab Supplies

Science Lab Supplies

P.O. Box 934
St. Augustine, FL 32085


We sell science equipment and laboratory supplies. We supply educational scientific laboratory instruments lab supplies and equipment used in Schools, Universities, Colleges, Home Schools and Labs. Products are not meant for use by Children 12 & Younger. This equipment is used in physics / physical science, chemistry and biology labs as well as in general labs.

We sell new equipment for all your science and educational needs. With the addition of our brand new online shopping facility, ordering could not be more convenient, easy and secure.


Bacti-Cinerator IV Loop Sterilizer

  • Sterilize loops and needles with infrared heat
  • Safeguards laboratory personnel
  • Prevents infections splatter and contamination
  • Ideal for anaerobic chambers
  • Weighed base for stability
  • Operates on 120V 60Hz U.L. Approved
    220V and 240V Bacticinerators and Elements available for Bacticinerator Models III and IV

Inoculating Loop Holder Kolle

Nickel plated brass rod with nickel plated brass screw chuck. Fitted into bakelite handle. For holding inoculating loops. Overall length 250 mm.

Keck Standard Taper Clips

These economical KECK adapters, clamps, and clips will not scratch glass or corrode—ideal for glass and tubing assembly. All KECK products are color-coded for fast, easy size identification. Use quick disconnect adapters for safe, convenient tubing-to-tubing or tubing-to-glass connections. Use RAMP CLAMP tubing clamps for easy, one-handed tubing flow control. Select standard taper clips (in plastic or lacquer-coated steel) or ball-joint clips for secure glass-to glass connections.These economical standard taper clips securely hold conical joints under pressure without damaging glass. The polyoxymethylene (POM) acetal resin clips are safe to 302°F (150°C). Resistant to concentrated alkalies and dilute acids (not resistant to halogen gases and concentrated acids).

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