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Scales Galore

Scales Galore

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Health O Meter 2400KL Portable Digital Wheelchair Scale

The Health O Meter Professional 2400KL Wheelchair Ramp Scale provides advanced functionality in a small footprint. The scale indicator mounts to the wall, calculates BMI and connects to EMR ready software. The Health O Meter Professional 2400KL Wheelchair Ramp Scale is ideal for high traffic areas such as hospitals or clinics. Prepare to discover the most advanced medical scales made today. Health O Meter Professional is at the forefront of innovation creating more new medical products than ever before

Seca 674 High Capacity Platform Scale

The Seca 674 digital high capacity platform scale features extensive high technology and a capacity of 800 lbs.

This multifunctional digital flat scale is designed especially for people needing assistance while being weighed and works in a variety of applications including wheelchair weighing, veterinary scale or dialysis weighing. Due to the extremely flat and large platform with a built-in ramp, weighing patients in wheelchairs or seated during dialyses is practically effortless with the Seca 674.

The Seca 674 floor scale has an integrated pre-TARE-function that determines the patient's net weight in seconds. This platform scale also features a HOLD-function, which continues to display weight in large, easy-to-read figures even after the scale is no longer loaded.

The Seca 674 ships with transport castors for easy portability and the remote display unit can be easily placed on a table or mounted to a wall. An AC power adapter is included with the Seca 674.

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