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Savage Bros. Co.

Savage Bros. Co.

1125 Lunt Avenue
Elk Grove Village, IL 600075023


For over 150 years, Savage Bros. has continuously manufactured confectionery machinery. Our candy making and chocolate making equipment are recognized worldwide for long lived quality and reliability.

From these 19th century roots in the candy industry, Savage equipment has applications today for the bakery, food processing, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and material handling industries. Savage Bros. strives to meet its customers’ equipment needs with well designed and manufactured machinery.



The LifTILTruk line of products are used for mechanically lifting lrge and heavy bowls and tilting them to accurately and carefully pour their contents. There are different models that consider different weight yields and bowl dimensins to be lifted.

LifTILTruk Model "B" Kettle & Bowl Lift

  • Lifting just doesn't get easier than this!
  • Model B load capacity: 450 lbs (200kg)
  • Lift heights are given for standard kettles and containers used in the candy and baking industries. We have made many adapters for other types of containers for the chemical and other industries. When the time comes, just ask.
  • How tall? How high a lift? Footprint? This chart tells all.

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