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STANLEY Access Technologies LLC

STANLEY Access Technologies LLC


STANLEY Access Technologies proudly manufactures, installs, and services an extensive portfolio of manual and automatic door solutions.  Our door systems can be seen on buildings around the world in a wide variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, restaurant, government and many more.


Magic Access Low Energy/Knowing Act Swing Door Operator

This low-energy door operator allows almost any swing door to open automatically from a knowing act, such as pressing a wall switch or a pushbutton, or even using a card reader for enhanced security options.

Add knowing act automation to manual swinging doors up to 42” in panel width and 125 pounds in panel weight. Retrofit or new construction.

When used manually, is lighter to open than typical swing door: Adjustable to as low as 8 lbs compared to the standard 15 lbs to open a manual swing door.

Compact header, width is customized to span the full width of the door opening, adding to a finished, aesthetically pleasing look.

Designed with safety, stopping immediately at any point of the doors swing cycle when an obstacle is detected.

Magic Force Swing Door Operator

This option can be configured upon installation to provide either full-energy (motion activated) or low-energy (knowing act) automation. This way, users are free to employ precisely the right type of automation needed for entrances without changing the entire mechanism.

  • Versatile, light to heavy duty, low energy and fully automatic
  • Field adjustable to work as both full energy (motion activated) or low energy (knowing act activated) automation and for right or left hand operation.
  • Versatile door panel types and mounting options: Powers door panels up to 48” wide and 350lbs+ or 75 ft/lb torque. In-ground, concealed or surface mounted.
  • Magic-Force is compliant with all U.S. and Canadian handicap access laws, including ANSI A117.1 and A156.19 and ANSI 156.10 
  • Fire door package with UL listed equipment for applications such as hospitals
  • Complete factory engineered door system that includes center pivoted door panels

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