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SP Industries, Inc.

SP Industries, Inc.

2982 22nd Street
Hopkins, MI 49328


EHD (Extend Height Dumper) Bin Dumper

EHD (Extend Height Dumper) Bin Dumpers are designed to move loads upwards to 30’. These unique bin dumpers provide solutions to industries and business that have different operation levels or need more “fall” for the load in question. Each machine is custom designed to insure stability under extreme conditions. Reliable, safe, and easy to use, these machines add value and reduce labor among other cost savings.

All of SP Industries equipment meet or exceed ANSI and OSHA specifications for safety.

ROLO Box Dumper

ROLO Box Dumpers dump up to 84" and provide a strong and consistent performance day after day and year after year. With a dump angle of 135 degrees, this box dumper is great for carts, bins, and cans. Custom fabrication to fit your cart is standard on these box dumpers. Additional options include: PLC controls, hydraulic lock systems for carts, thermo oil heater, side entry scoop, and dumper enclosures.

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