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Rollx Vans

Rollx Vans

6591 Highway 13 W
Savage, MN 55378


Rollx Vans is the only mini and full-size handicap van manufacturer selling new and used wheelchair vans direct to you. Our new vans go through a strict, certified conversion process that guarantees your van will be perfect for you.

Our certified used reconditioning process is extremely thorough. If something is broken or damaged, we replace it.

Once your Rollx Van is ready, we offer delivery straight to your door, or the option to fly you down to our headquarters and let you drive your van home. Questions or concerns? We’re only a phone call away!

If your van needs service, the Rollx Vans nationwide warranty guarantees the freedom to choose the service center that works best for you.

Rollx Vans offers several service options including our convenient At-Home service available throughout most of the United States.

We also provide a number of affordable financing options to make sure that anyone who needs a Rollx Van can get one.


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