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Ritz Safety, LLC

Ritz Safety, LLC

Dayton, OH


To provide convenient and cost-effective products and solutions to better promote the health and safety of all people, construction sites, and facilities throughout the business community through effective consultation, superior ordering process, and effective on-time delivery...GUARANTEED!


Compact Air 200 Series PAPR

The North® Compact Air® 200 Series Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) lets you know when the battery is low or your filters are clogged. A system of three different alarms, (audible, visual and vibration), will alert the user at 10% remaining battery life, increase to a continuous audible alarm at 5% of remaining battery life and alarm when filters are blocked or clogged. The audible alarm is located near the breathing tube so sound will travel to the workers' zone of hearing. A vibratory alarm is also triggered for workers who are hearing impaired or are in extremely noisy environments. The third alarm is an LED light to ensure that workers are notified that the unit needs attention.

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