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Rifton Equipment

Rifton Equipment

PO Box 260
Rifton, NY 12471


Rifton Adaptive Tricycle

Riding a bike is part of childhood, and this bike for children with special needs aims to provide that exhilarating experience to every child. We've thought through all the features - from the supportive backrest to the low transfer step - that will make this tricycle as accommodating as possible. Use the slides below to learn more about the Rifton adaptive tricycles.

Toileting Aids

Time and again, research has shown the necessity of good toileting for children’s health. So we designed the Rifton HTS with that in mind. Hygienic, simple, affordable, the Rifton HTS promotes the forward positioning that is ideal and natural for effective toileting. Meanwhile, its versatility and simplicity – usable on, over and off the toilet, no tools required – make the lives of caregivers better too.

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