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Relax the Back

Relax the Back

6 Centerpointe Dr, Suite 350
La Palma, CA 90623


We offer our customers posture and back support products and self-care solutions because we are the most innovative, medically driven nationwide back care retailer.


Hale Aircomfort Zero Gravity Recliner

The heavy duty Hale Zero Gravity Heated Recliner brings comfort to larger bodies, offering custom heating and support for up to 400 lbs. One touch smoothly brings you to Zero gravity with an air massage chamber and lumbar heat. This classic chair comes with an adjustable head rest, which is perfect for watching TV or reading. After a hard day's work, sit back and enjoy a heat therapy massage, leaving all your stresses behind. You deserve it.

Novus Select Zero Gravity Chair

Relieve back pain, stress, and muscle tension with the Novus Select Zero Gravity Recliner. With sleek styling and smooth movement, this neutral posture chair provides optimal comfort while establishing a stress-free, zero gravity position. Fully upholstered, the Novus Zero Gravity recliner also offers the convenience of fingertip recline/return function. Through this one-button power control, you can adjust the retractable footrest, arm rest length, and the exact angle of your chair. Allow your lumbar to relax as you tilt to the doctor-recommended anti gravity position.

Novus Zero Gravity Recliner

The Novus Zero Gravity Recliner is one of Relax The Back's most popular products, as it combines motor-positioning technology with advanced lumbar support for the most comfortable sitting experience. The Novus is a motorized recliner, allowing you pivot and adjust the precise angle of your chair with the touch of a button. With minimal effort, you can accomplish the zero gravity position, which elevates your legs above your heart. In this position, your body circulates evenly and you feel weightless. In addition to the posture advantages, this lumbar support chair features a retractable footrest, adaptable back support, and a soft headrest so you feel comfortable in any position you choose. With the Novus Zero Gravity Recliner, you can sit back as your muscles, joints and spine recover from harsh the effects of gravity

X-Chair Zero Gravity Recliner 3.0

The X-Chair Zero Gravity Recliner was designed for larger bodies that need more stress relief. The X-Chair features extra padding and more room for your head and feet to extend fully. This large recliner is not only longer to bring more comfort to taller people, but it also features a wider footrest and headrest so your entire body feels fully supported and balanced. With a smooth and easy recline into the zero gravity position, the X-Chair makes it easy to maintain good posture whenever you're relaxing.

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