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Adjustable Gripping Tool

Adjustable Gripping Tool helps ease tasks such as opening containers and grasping hard-to-hold objects like small knobs. It is made of durable plastic with texturized rubber jaws and is ideal for persons with arthritis, a weak grip, or limited motor coordination. It concentrates the entire strength of the hand in its slip-resistant jaws and adjusts to 13 different widths and fits items up to 3.25 inch wide.

Carex Doorknob Gripper

Carex Doorknob Gripper is designed to fit over the existing doorknob to provide a slip-free surface making turning easier. Ideal for those with dexterity issues or a weakened grip.

Danmar Combo Utensil Handle and Knob Holder

Danmar Combo Utensil Handle assists during day-to-day use with a variety of activities. It functions as an eating aid, and can also be used for personal hygiene items, activity brushes, pens and pencils, and crayons. Designed with comfortable, contoured sections, which fit into the hand with an adjustable slide buckle.

Folding Book and Magazine Stand

Folding Book and Magazine Stand is a lightweight stable stand that hold books and magazines open and upright. It can be placed on a table or on counter top, as well as over knees. It includes clip which can be used to hold pages open or mark place.

Great Grip Twister

Great Grip Twister is thermoplastic knob cover which combines non-skid grip with a built-in lever design to alleviate the need for strong grip or dexterity. It can be used on difficult to manipulate surfaces such as doorknobs faucet handles, outside faucets and gardening tools.

Homecraft Clamp-On Vegetable Peeler

Homecraft Clamp-On Vegetable Peeler Special easy-to-work vegetable peeler which is a big help in the kitchen. It is ideal for one-handed users. Has hardened blade fixed to the clamping device.

  • Clamp adjustment: 3/8" to 2"
  • Latex free
  • This peeler is designed to assist those who find difficulty in gripping a knife or slim-handled peeler
  • When clamped securely to a table, it allows a vegetable or fruit to be grasped in the hand and pushed against the blade, so removing the peel
  • The peeler is formed from 2mm steel, white epoxy coated, with rubber gripping pieces to prevent damage to a surface
  • The 50mm blade can be angled to suit the user and replaced if necessary

Portable Book Holder

Portable Book Holder is designed to allow pages to be turned easily. It folds flat for easy carrying and storage and made of unbreakable clear plastic. This book holder is latex free and holds any size book.

Slip On Typing or Keyboard Aid

Slip On Typing or Keyboard Aid slips on and off hand easily, tightens with a VELCRO® brand strap. It has rubber tip for touching the keys. The molded plastic adjusts with heat gun. It is easy to clean and is completely latex free.

Universal Electric Razor Holder

Universal Electric Razor Holder fits popular brand name electric razors. It comes with two VELCRO® Brand straps that secure the razor to a vinyl covered foam padded steel handle which can be bent to fit the users hand. It is latex-free.

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