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RJ Cooper & Associates

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We at RJ Cooper & Associates wake up every day to discover and invent solutions for kids and adults to achieve their full potential. Our mission has been, and continues to be, to serve people through innovation and technology.


Bluetooth Dual Button-Box

These 3 devices all use my BSI internally.  So sometimes I refer to the BSI *inside* the BDBB and other times, when I feel it's important to know which device to focus on, I refer to the BDBB.  All of these devices provide access to 'switch-friendly' apps specifically programmed to work with switch(es).  They can also be configured to work with several non-switch-friendly apps (Music, Camera, and some e-book apps).  In addition, they work with iOS 7's Switch Control when configured for either 1 switch Autoscan or 2 switch Step-Scan.

Dual Button Box

The Dual Button Box is designed to allow you to control 2-switch devices. The Switch-Adapted Digital Camera and the Switch-Adapted MP3 Player/Drive are two devices with 2 switch inputs. When connected to these and similar devices, the Dual Button Box provides a simple means of control.

Find The Buttons

Mouse training for blind children

iAdapter Rugged Case/Speaker

"Protect your iPad with the iAdapter™! This innovative housing is complete with rubberized corners and handle to help protect your iPad from damage. A small slide cover on the front of the housing hides the home button from roaming fingers that will close running applications.

The iAdapter is also an amplifier, with speaker that delivers clean, crisp sound that can be heard in the noisiest setting. It comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery, shoulder strap for portability and a plastic stand for tabletop use.


    Fully rubberized housing protects on impact
    Threaded inserts on back for wheelchair mounting plate
    Dual amplified speakers with hi/low volume switch
    Protected slide cover to hide the home button when needed
    Shoulder strap for portability
    Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (for the amplifier only) – 10 hour run time
    USB charging port
    USB charger and cable (for the iAdapter internal battery only)
    Stereo headset jack
    Plastic tabletop stand"

Mouse Button-Box

A large-button alternative to a traditional mouse for people who have poor use of their hands but still want a hand-based mouse to work with. Different layout options are available for left and right-handed individuals.


Operate all special needs software that can be operated by a mouseclick (like ours!) or simple keystroke(s).

 Access all regular software, like that from any computer store! The switch-user does all the clicking of the mouse, through SAM, while you move it. This turns any computer activity into great cooperative fun.

Allow a person with gross-motor hand (or fine-motor head ) control to move the mouse, and do the clicking, double clicking, and click-lock (for drag) with other parts of their body.

 Give complete computer control, of any software, to a single switch user via our CrossScanner.

    You simply plug SAM-Trackball where your current mouse is, and plug your switch(es) into SAM. A switch plugged into one of SAM's switch inputs acts as the corresponding button, function. 

Tablet/iPad HandPointer

For those that find accessing the iPad directly ('direct select') to be a challenge, but don't want to resort to an assistive device (such as my iPad VoiceOver Controller, or a switch interface that gives 'global' ipad access), then, if they have fine motor control over their hand, I can *give* them a pointer finger! 

With my spiffy loop fastener strap, that secures around the hand *and* the wrist, and can be cut to need, my HandPointer can be positioned in many positions with its hook fastening material.


A portable and simple, but powerful screenreader, that is tailored for blind persons (and LD/early readers) that may be new to using a computer, or need a simpler, less expensive alternative to more costly (and comprehensive) programs available. Works almost entirely by the standard keyboard navigation controls, the arrow keys!

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