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RGP's 400-Hybrid combines the patented split backrest design with a more traditional triangular shaped flat seat cushion.  Built with the same hydraulic mechanism used in our 400 series line of chairs, the seat and back can "float" following ones' movement.  The triangular shaped seat cushion relieves some of the pressure on the back of the thighs.

The “Active Seating” is further enhanced by the adjustable heights of both the backrest and the stool itself. Arm supports are available to relieve the neck, arms and back while allowing full range of motion. Postural changes as a result of use of the 400-Hybrid have proven effective in promoting work productivity, eliminating daily fatigue and pain, and increased health and well-being.

Assist 2

The Assist 2 is a good option for someone looking for a basic assistant stool with not many options.  It comes with a fully adjustable swivel belly bar and adjustable foot ring.  It also has a slight contoured seat cushion and the height range is spans well enough to accommodate numerous user heights.

Straddle Assistant Stool

The RGP Straddle Assistant Stool takes the saddle concept and adds the abdominal support belly bar.  This chair is extremely compact in size and takes up very little operatory space.  It has a tall height cylinder so the range is good for all heights.  The stool allows the assistant to keep the legs downward and to snug right up to the patient without bending or leaning uncomfortably. 

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