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Prosky Panels


With the development of product range began to manufacture led lighting fixtures.

Prosky Panels are converting their knowledge and experience in LED lighting technology to lighting products.


Fake Window

Fake window is the perfect solution for rooms without windows or with insufficient light. Thanks to the high resolution image that works with LED lighting, it gives the closest result to a real window. You can use it in basement apartments, walls without windows, offices or any indoor areas.

This product, called false window or artificial window, has a thin structure of only 2.5cm, so you can use it directly without any repair (preparation) on the wall surface and you can achieve the result.

It is in perfect harmony with wood or metal frame with various image and design options. Therefore, the interior architecture allows you to complete the integrity with your personal tastes.

Artificial window light:

The purpose of these panels is to create an artificial window where it is applied. It can be used in all closed areas, especially in dark rooms without windows.
It can even be decorated with various curtains.

You can use the products for decorative and commercial purposes like as fake window.

Here you can find the most eye-catching window models of fake window ideas.

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