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Project Ray Inc.

Project Ray Inc.


The RAY Project's vision is to bridge the digital divide and raise the bar in accessibility for the blind and visually impaired by unleashing the power of modern smartphone technology to foster independence. A single, powerful mobile device that combines all the capabilities of dedicated devices into one, the RAY device is poised to become the new gold standard for the blind and visually impaired.


Ray App

The “RAY-app” changes the way you use, see and feel your Android device.
It’s eye-free interface is extremely easy to learn, practice and use.
It’s unique User Interface gives you a seamless eye free operation with the help of touch and sound.

Replacing the traditional click interaction to directional swipes on the screen makes usability of this app easy to understand and stress-free. Changing the appearance of the screen to high contrast is yet another feature that comes with your RAY-app.

It’s revolutionary “over the WEB” remote assistance is another jewel to it’s crown that provide functions like remote visual assistance,  remote navigation, content setting and device discovery.


Introducing the world’s smartest flip phone for blind and visually impaired users – the new RAY L5!

We’ve taken in user feedback and requests to create a strong, smart device that can run the all new RAY OS, as well as offer a full keypad, large buttons, a tactile navigation wheel and many more features that turn this device into the smartest and most capable flip phone around.

The new RAY L5 comes standard with our latest OS right out of the box,
The RAY care system with full technical support,
And an easy-to-follow user tutorial, making your transition to RAY the easiest its ever been!

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