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Podium Pros Inc.

Podium Pros Inc.

353 Saunders RD. Unit 10
Barrie, OH L4N 9A3


Podium Pros is a Canadian manufacturer of podiums, lecterns and multimedia units, servicing the industry since 1998. Our customers range from audio-visual companies, trade and convention centers, hotels, colleges and universities, theaters government facilities, training sites, golf courses, banquet halls and corporations. 


Aluminum Motorized Accessible Lectern

The Aluminum Motorized Accessible Lectern is designed to be wheelchair accessible and can travel from it's lowest point of 27" to its highest point of 40".


This model features a power motorized height adjustable frame that can lift the speaking surface at the touch of a button, accommodating speakers requiring wheelchair accessibility. 

An extra wide top and base, provide more surface area and additional stability.  

Heavy duty casters have been added to the base for easy maneuverability, along with a paper stop to keep documents secure on the speaking surface.  

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