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Pixel Eyewear

Pixel Eyewear


Pixel Eyewear glasses filter out the harsh blue light emitted by digital devices such as computers, smartphones, televisions, tablets, fluorescent lights, and LEDs. Our lenses allow your eyes to focus easier, reduce eye fatigue and eye strain, and improve contrast.

We offer the clearest, most effective lens on the market. Other computer glasses are typically very yellow and have low transparency. Our glasses have a very light tint that is not easily noticeable and look just like a normal pair of glasses when you're wearing them. Our frames are built with cellulose acetate, the industry standard used by most high-end eyewear brands and our selection of vintage and classic styles will keep you looking sharp


Pixel lenses

Precisely engineered to reduce eyestrain from computer screens.
It’s a breakthrough in lens technology.

The sweet spot between clarity and effectiveness. Our lenses filter 50% of blue light and up to 95% at the strongest wavelengths without the yellow tint. A clear, surgical protection allowing you to focus on your work instead of your migraines.

The latest coating technologies combined. The super-hydrophobic outer layer, a nanotechnology that reduces smudges and repels water & dust, means no more constant cleaning and wiping. The premium anti-reflective coating eliminates computer glare and reduces stress on your eyes. It's time to experience the world in High-Def.

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