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Penn-Jersey X-Ray

Penn-Jersey X-Ray

4805 Lenox Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32205


Penn-Jersey X-Ray is a family-owned, global distributor of x-ray supplies established in 1990. We provide x-ray accessories, radiology supplies, and medical products to hospitals, radiology practices, dental practices, x-ray techs and veterinary practices. From x-ray film markers to protective eyewear, thyroid collars to other radiation projective apparel, x-ray table pads to positioning sponges, our extensive catalogue of state-of-the-art x-ray accessories and supplies can meet all your radiographic needs.


Pregnancy Half Lead Apron (Velcro Closure)

Standard Semi Guard half apron with 1.0mm Pb equivalency protection. Excellent protection for pregnant patients who are requiring x-ray procedures. Convenient Hook & Loop closure. *Please keep in mind that 1.00mm Pb equivalency doubles the normal weight of the half apron. Available in (LW) Lightweight and (NL) Non-Lead types.

Pregnancy Lead Apron Lightweight

Pregnancy Lead Apron. Front protection with flexible back straps. 1.0mm Pb equivalency over fetal area, 0.5mm over remaining area. 22" x 24" pregnancy panel can be removed at completion of pregnancy to create a standard Flex Guard Apron with 0.5mm Pb equivalency protection. Hook & loop closure is fast and easy. Free dual pocket and shoulder pads.

24 x 36 Approximate weight 14 lbs
24 x 40 Approximate weight 17-18 lbs
28 x 38 Approximate weight 23 lbs 

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