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Owl Labs

Owl Labs

33 1/2 Union Sq
Boston, MA 02114


Owl Labs builds cutting-edge technology that creates deeply immersive collaborative experiences.


Meeting Owl 3

Create an immersive hybrid meeting experience in any space with the intelligent 360° camera, mic, and speaker that gets smarter over time.

Behind the dynamic features in all Owl Labs devices is the Owl Intelligence System, proprietary AI-driven software that receives regular upgrades to make collaborating even more immersive and inclusive.

  • Camera
    • Output Resolution: 1080p HD, Field of View: 360°
    • Video Pickup Radius: 10’ (3m)
  • Microphone
    • 8 omni-directional beamforming Smart Mics, Audio Pickup Radius: 18’ (5.5m) 
  • Speaker
    • Three built-in speakers for 360° coverage and clear in-room sound
    • Speaker Output Level: 80 db SPL

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