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Open Sesame Door Systems, Inc

Open Sesame Door Systems, Inc

1933 Davis St.
Suite 279
San Leandro, CA 94577


At the touch of a button, the Open Sesame automatic door opener gives complete independence to enter and exit a residential or public / light commercial door (which can be for an elevator or lift or a gate).* This professional grade disabled access system unlatches a locked door, then opens, pauses and closes it - all automatically. This remote controlled door opener can be operated with a variety of wheelchair mounted remote controls, wall push pads and other specialty controls customized to accommodate almost any physical disability


Public / Light Commercial Public Bundled Package

Can be used in light commercial applications, such as school doors, restroom doors, apartment lobby doors, storefronts, elevators/lifts, or residential or pedestrian gates. When triggered via our remote controls they go through an open-pause-close cycle. The operator will close automatically against manual opening of the door, like a standard door closer. NOTE: Any existing door closer must be removed or disabled. Option is available for Push-N-Go operation, which will power open/close the door if it is manually opened slightly, instead of acting like a closer. Includes Model 233 operator, two rugged wireless wall pushpads or two 36” high wireless wall switches in deluxe package, and wiring kit with transformer. Does not include an electric strike, which can be added if necessary, as well as a wireless keyless entry pad to provide entry through a secure door without using a key.

Residential Bundled Package

This package will release and open a locked or unlocked door, pause for entrance or exit, and then return the door to its closed position. If you would like to extend the time the door is open, you can do so by pushing the remote control again. The door will stay open as long as you like. To close the door, simply push the remote once again. The door remains free-swinging for manual use.

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