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OTC Wholesale

OTC Wholesale

787 Hillcrest Industrial Blvd Suite A
Macon, GA 31204


OTC Wholesale is a small business dedicated to providing over-the-counter products to you for low prices. Started by Federico Arguelles in 2004 as a subsidiary of a pharmaceutical supplier, OTC Wholesale branched out to become its own company in 2006.


Easy Touch FlipLock Safety Syringe w/ Exchangeable Needle

Easy Touch FlipLock Safety Syringe with Exchangeable Needle are easy to use and latex free. This package contains fifty (50) 18G, 10mL, 1.5in (40mm), Model 821807 syringes. These syringes have well-defined markings, making proper injections easier than ever. The FlipLock feature makes it safer for caretakers to handle a syringe after the injection

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