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184 S. Livingston Ave.
STE 9-308
Livingston, NJ 07039


Ninebot Elite PTR 450wh

Ninebot is a brand new personal transportation robot for work, entertainment, and daily life.
Ninebot is operated by a series of complex micro-electronic gyroscopes and sensors which provide data to it's accelerometers and high-speed microprocessor.

Riders can move the device forward or backwards simply by adjusting their balance. To turn the device, simply tilt the operation bar to the left or right, creating a difference in speed between the two wheels. 

For Operational Redundancy, Ninebot uses an innovative backup-system technology. Most of the key components of Ninebot are equipped with two modes, the primary mode which works normally, and the secondary mode is standing by as a backup. In the unlikely event where any of the components fail, the backup will automatically takeover, allowing the device to function as normal until it can be taken in for maintenance.


Ninebot-C is equipped with a hands-free lever as standard the operation bar so you can control your Ninebot with your knees. With your hands free, driving will be more comfortable and enjoyable, or more useful and productive for a work setting. Ninebot-C is smaller due to the hands-free bar, so it is much more convenient for storage and transportation.

Ninebot-C utilizes the Ninesys ™ 2nd Self-balancing Control System
Based on the original military unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology, Ninebot Inc. released the Ninesys 2nd self-balancing control system, which is up to 10 times more power reserve efficient and has better control performance. 

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