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NexGen Ergonomics, Inc.

NexGen Ergonomics, Inc.

6600 Trans Canada Highway
Suite 750
Pointe Claire, Quebec, H9R4S2


NexGenErgonomics is the global source for software & instrumentation for ergonomics, biomechanics, & medicine. They offer an Ergonomics Resource Center with both a US and Canadian directory of firms and organizations that provide ergonomic consulting services.



Mastering ergonomic analysis just became easy with ErgoMaster. ErgoMaster is a suite of attractively priced ergonomic analysis software modules containing a broad range of features and capabilities. The system is easy to use and produces easy to understand reports incorporating pictures or images of the job task being analyzed or redesigned.

ErgoMaster enables users with minimal computer expertise to easily utilize the system. The user can customize various reports and analysis. The system also includes detailed on-line help and instructions.

The system's applications include ergonomic analysis, risk factor identification, training, as well as job and workstation redesign. Its suite of modules and tools assists in the analysis of lifting tasks, repetitive tasks, awkward postures, office ergonomics and many other areas. Modules can be purchased individually.

The system allows users to obtain images from a variety of popular packages and receive such images even via the Internet. The system includes a database, which enables users to easily save and retrieve their studies including the images.

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