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National RF, Inc.

National RF, Inc.

7969 Engineer Road
Suite 102
San Diego, CA 92111


National RF Inc offers State of the Art Radio Frequency  and Unique Electronic Devices


Flex-Mike II

The Flex-Mike II comes with an adjustable waist band that allows the user to position the amplifier and speaker enclosure comfortably about the waist. Unique to the unit is the newly designed CHEST-MIKE, which rests flat on the user’s chest and holds the microphone element in front of the mouth. This configuration is more user friendly than the conventional headset more commonly used with similar voice amplifiers. The microphone assembly is light and un-obtrusive and does not impede the normal movements of day-to-day activities.

  • Mechanical Size: 8 Inches by 2 ¾ Inches by 2 Inches deep, contoured to waist.
  • Power Requirements: Single 9 volt battery, ALKALINE RECOMMENDED
  • Amplifier Unit Weight: 16 Oz. Chest-Mike Assembly Weight: about 4 Oz.
  • Power to Speaker: 4 to 5 Watts, Peak Voice Power, 2 Watts, RMS, undistorted power
  • Audible Frequency Response: Approx. 100 Hz. to 10 KHz.

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